Family Vacation

Last year's camping debacle led us to rethink our annual family vacation.  We decided wait a few years for more outdoor survival and enjoy a more urban setting.
It turns out that September is the perfect time to live at the beach, so we rented a mansion and invited the Wyzga family to just relax for a week.  It was a perfect vacation.  It didn't matter if you de-stress with a packed schedule or if you preferred to laze about by the ocean all day.  Everyone could live at their own pace and still come together at dinner and enjoy the family.
Halfway through our vacation, we each invited a friend to come fill our extra rooms, so London and I invited Sarah to come have fun with us. 
London was obsessed with the beach.  There was sand to play with, shells to find, and the waves that never stopped playing with her.
Our girl has no fear.  Again and again she would run at the waves and laugh as they came to sweep her away.
We spent hours at the beach, but when we were not there, our home had hammocks, a playground, a jacuzzi and a pool to keep us busy.
It was really great to spend time with the family and we can't wait to make this a new tradition.

17 months

 "owside" is where London wants to be.  We hear it probably 370 times a day and there are almost always tears when it is time to go "om"(home).  
Everything is new and an adventure.  Every day she picks up a new word.  This is London exploring our farm which is 4 min from our house-Fox Hollow Farm
She wants to help mum-mum with everything, so now she is my sous chef.  
 It is adorable to watch her pretend play

But all those pictures above don't show you her true soul.


Do you remember when...

Do you remember when it was just us?  
There was no little girl begging for attention, monopolizing our thoughts and moulding our days into a baby centric vortex.  We always claimed that we would be the parents to rise above populous and keep our romance first.  Then we found ourselves 1.5 years into parenting without ever having left our child for even one night. It took an invitation to a Caribbean paradise from our English neighbors to pull us out of our rut. 
Thanks to both our parents and London's godmother, Sarah, we were able to get a much needed holiday in Punta Cana, Dominican Rebublic.  
Enjoying the resort with the Fosters made our vacation so much fun!

What did we do?  This. All Day!  Eat. Relax by the adult only pool.  

Doggie paddle lazily up to the swim up bar for my DR Sunrise drink (Champangne, OJ, grenadine, and lime.) Eat lunch overlooking the ocean, walk down to the beach to chat with Nige and Kate.  
That brings us to siesta time in our huge room with a king bed, private balcony and jacuzzi tub.
 Followed by dinner and then drinks in the lobby with the fam.
 Not too bad.  Thank you all inclusive!
Happy 50th birthday to The Nige!


16 months, and so old!

July is birthday month for me!  I am done counting years and doing birthday parties, but I still love a great outing.  So we headed to Leesburg, VA for outlet shopping, a stop in at Mom's Apple Pie Bakery and a wine and cheese picnic at Willowcroft Winery.  It couldn't have been better. 
 July was a crazy month.  Jesse had unexpected surgury and has been in recovery mode most of this month while still watching London. 
 London is a great age for summer fun!  All we hear non-stop is "pool" "pool" from her little mouth. We give in at least twice a week and try to teach her how to float.  She would much rather hang out in the baby pool pouring water from bowl to bowl. 
We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! Dinner was at the Mussle Bar and Jesse bought me a Chantal Cook set, but the really celebrating happens in August when we head to Punta Cana, DR!! 


15 Months-June

We are doing things a bit different this summer
Jesse is going to be the stay at home dad he always wanted to be and I am off to work mostly full time- just until Jesse starts teaching again in the fall.

14th Month Photos

Harper's Ferry outing with Da-Da and Mum-Mum

 London LOVES my purse.  Mostly she likes to take everything out, find my wallet, remove every card from there, and then move on to the next event.
 Bekah was in town this month with her two kids, Timmy and Abby.  So we did the unthinkable and dragged them all down to DC to visit Sarah on her lunch break.  Look how serene we look amongst the kids.
 Sitting is for little kids.